Quick Tips for Video Marketing Beginners

You’ve probably heard a lot this year that video is the next biggest thing in social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all stepping up their game especially when it comes to video.

And this might put you in panic mode!

You wanted to start video marketing weeks or months ago, but haven’t started yet because you are scared that your efforts are going down the drain or simply making a fool out of yourself.

In this post, you will discover some quick ways to get started with video marketing.


Prepare a budget

Just like any other forms of marketing, video marketing can be really expensive simply because you are spending it in a wrong way.

Ideally, a great video shooting setup would be:

  • Videographer
  • Video editor (if your videographer doesn’t have the needed set of skills)
  • Video taking equipment

The setup could costs you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands and video editing can slide your budget even thinner.

In order to overcome this, you need to allocate a set of budget for your video production. For example, allocating $500 could easily spare you some great (and highly affordable) video taking equipment from Amazon.

Then, another set of monthly basis of video editors and videographer if you need any. Thanks to awesome technology these days some entrepreneurs are making great videos by simply using an iPhone and some good editing software.

A great example is James Tew – an Aussie entrepreneur who is making great humorous yet informational videos all by himself. I highly recommend you look at this work and get in touch with James if you want to know some of his tips – Here is his FREE guide to all the equipment you need to create awesome looking video with less than $200 > Guide Download


Figure out the whole video outline

If you are new at video marketing, it is important to understand that not many people would know who you are. Unless you are a celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Bill Gates, you need to tell a story (or more than one) to build trust with your followers. You also need to be consistent so pick a day every week that you are committed to uploading your new video and stick to it.

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The Basics of A Story: What, Where, When, Who, Why, How?

ask yourself:

  • What story are you trying to tell?
  • When is this story taking place?
  • Where does the story occur?
  • Who will appear in your story?
  • Why are you telling this story?
  • How will you tell the story?

Preparing an outline will help you to think of what you need to tell your story in a compelling way. Make notes, write a script and rehearse before you start recording.

Be sure that you have a clear goal and audience in mind.


Your ultimate goal is to provide value

Your video content will need to be thought-provoking, provide useful information or creative value in order to drive engagement that could then lead to potential sales.

Video marketing should be fun and it has to circle around your customers. For example, the videos published could be step by step guides in solving a specific challenge or educating them with your expertise on a specific topic.

According to James Wedmor of 48 Hours Film School, there is no such thing as providing too much information.


The length of the videos

Humans have a short attention span. Content marketers understand that an average adult attention span is approximately 8 seconds when they are reading a blog post. The duration increases by a little when visual is integrated into the content.

So, when it comes to video marketing, you need to take deep consideration especially for the length of the video.

Viewers will feel bored especially when the video is too long and if it is too short, you may not be able to provide sufficient value to them.

As there is no specific recommendations on the length of the video, your main goal is to keep your viewers entertained or to solve their problem regardless of how long the video needs to be to get the message across properly.


Cross promoting your videos

Your marketing plan has just started once the video is published. Your goal is to start sharing across various platforms and building engagement around it.

Promotions can be in a form of embedding in your blog posts, sharing the link to different social networks or using paid marketing channels. You should also consider using Facebook native video – so instead of just uploading your videos to YouTube, upload them directly onto Facebook too.

If you are using Twitter you can pin your newly shared video to your profile so every time someone visits your profile they will see your video tweet first. You can do the same with Google+ and Facebook too.

The takeaway is simple. You need to constantly promote your videos to ensure that you are gaining the highest level of visibility in this competitive industry. Easy and affordable social media advertising options are available these days across various platforms. Here is a great guide written by Hootsuite on social media advertising for beginners > Read Post


Final thought:

The thought of video marketing can be overwhelming, but by doing some research and thorough planning with a clear goal and audience in mind you are on the right track to kick starting your video marketing.


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