Social Media for the Entrepreneur – What Should you Use?

Social Media is not just for socializing! Many Entrepreneurs have secured jobs, closed deals, and found customers through Social Media. It's all in how you use Social Media to your advantage.

Not all Social Media platforms are ideal for Entrepreneurs. Some Social Media platforms are more for family and friends and might be a waste of time for an Entrepreneur to try and find leads. Knowing the best places to promote yourself or your business is key to saving time and effort.


Below are two of the most popular Social Media platforms for Entrepreneurs. I highly recommend both platforms to grow your presence and find possible leads.


LinkedIn is the number one Social Media site for professional networking. There are many tools specifically for job hunting, resume posting, and professional networking. The site is rich with entrepreneur and business trend articles.


Your LinkedIn profile is like your online resume or as I like to call it ‘Your shop front’. You will see that you can fill in extensive information regarding your education and job experience. Keep your profile updated with all your credentials so potential employers, clients or investors can verify your information should they search for you online.

Choose a professional and current head shot for your LinkedIn profile. You want the business you connect with to recognize you in person should you meet offline; which with LinkedIn, is often the case as you expand your business connections. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups and having conversations about your niche can lead to profile views, connections and turning into possible leads/clients. Keep the word 'professional' in mind at all times while you are networking on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is not the Social Media website for posting funny images of cute cats or talking about your nieces birthday party.

LinkedIn is all business!
adel de meyer linkedin snapshot 2016


Twitter is becoming a very popular Social Media platform for businesses. The short 140 character posts make it easy to quickly update on popular news in your industry as well as send out easy offers and savings for your followers. Be sure to fill out your profile and include your website URL and a professional head shot. The banner is also a spot where you can very creative, it is ‘free advertising’ space.

Follow others in your industry, and respond back to tweets. Retweet interesting and relevant tweets because everybody loves to see their tweets getting liked or Retweeted. The simplicity of Twitter makes for a more intimate experience with your customers in that you can interact one-on-one, while quickly seeing the bigger picture about what is trending in your industry.

Keep your tweets rich with keywords pertaining to your industry. Post upcoming events you will be attending or participating in. You can also post pictures to twitter so shots of products, your store front, or employees. It is a way to become more connected to your customers and peers.

Twitter is more 'laid back' than LinkedIn while still being a favorite for professionals. Here, unlike LinkedIn, you can get away with posting silly entertaining tweets mixed in with your professional postings. I would however stay clear of political and religious conversations if you are using Twitter purely for leads and business purposes.

By staying consistent with your posting, using relevant hashtags, and engaging with your audience who take the time to follow you, you can have a very active networking campaign benefiting many of your business goals using these two Social Media websites.

Don't forget about the ultimate powerful connector tool on Twitter called Twitter Chats. You can see some good ones to attend on my page here > #TwitterChats

Popular hashtags for Entrepreneurs on Twitter at the moment are:








If you would like to learn some very educational and informative Twitter tips and tricks as an entrepreneur, join #BlabAboutTwitter a weekly Blab hosted by Madalyn Sklar and Adel de Meyer - Every Tuesday at 1PM ET


Madalyn Sklar also has the following Twitter resources:

  • ​Twitter Podcast
  • #TwitterSmarter weekly Twitter Chat

Other platforms you can consider if you have the time and resources are:

A Facebook Group:

Facebook groups are free to create and a popular way for people with common interests to exchange ideas. By creating a Facebook Group in a niche that pertains to your industry you can further your branding by leading your group in interesting discussions.

For example, a hairdresser could create a group that discusses popular fashion and hair trends. She could lead her group in discussions by posting relevant and interesting articles from the internet and her blog and start a discussion on the topics. This makes for engaging interaction with your group members; which passively will lead to traffic to your website. Make sure you have your website URL listed in the group’s description.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Whether you’re posting images, photos, or videos, it can be a great way to connect with your audience in a visual way. You can tell your story, share your expertise and build credibility for yourself using this powerful platform.

The key to success using Instagram is making sure you use high quality images or videos, creating your own unique content and exciting your audience with great opportunities to share their opinion or ideas in your comments or using a specified hashtag.​


Snapchat is about 100 million users strong at the moment and it is exploding with popularity right now. Tons of entrepreneurs are using this creative platform to tell behind the scenes stories about their business or their journey as an entrepreneur. 

The great thing about Snapchat is that it gives the viewer a close up and very personal experience of who and what your are - and we know that people love people right?​

  • Snapchat users watch 7 billion videos per day and upload 8,800 photos per second
  • Snapchat is catching Facebook in social video volume (Facebook reports around 8 billion views daily)
  • More than 100 million people use Snapchat every day
snapchat adel de meyer

Some amazing resources for Snapchat information and to connect with fellow entrepreneurs are:

​I personally use Snapchat for a look into my life as an entrepreneur, mom and South African now living in Australia. I like to share my opinions, tips and ideas with my audience. 

I recently launched a campaign called #DontSnapAndDrive to encourage users to use Snapchat responsibly and not to take Snaps while they are driving. It is dangerous and lives have been lost because of this. I am hoping to create some awareness around this issue. ​


You can take part in the campaign by tweeting #DontSnapAndDrive with your Snapchat art, images, tweets or sending them to to me directly on Snapchat, Twitter or Email. I am building a collage of images from all the supporters. 

The possibilities to meet potential clients in 2016 are endless. It is just a matter of thinking outside the box and putting yourself out there!

Do you use Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other platforms to generate more business leads or to grow your business? I would love to hear about the results you are achieving in the comments below. If you need some help to get started, feel free to get in touch with me.

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