Marketing your business has never been easier or more cost effective thanks to digital marketing. It can also be a double edge sword that can make or break your business if you have no idea what you are doing! Here are a few tips to ensure that you find success when using digital marketing:


Build Your List (Use an Autoresponder):


Many Online Marketers fail to build a list and when they do, they are ignoring an incredible tool to generate leads and create repeat customers. What does it mean to build a list online? For the most part it means building an email list and sending relevant and helpful information about your business to this list.


You should be attempting to collect the emails of your website visitors at every chance you get. How do you do that? You need to get yourself set up with an autoresponder and create an irresistible free offer and place it on your website. Try a giveaway or a coupon for a percentage off your services.


If you are not sure what an autoresponder is, think about the last time you visited a site and you requested more information and submitted your name and email in a form. You then received an email with the offer right away. That is an autoresponder – It is software the does this for you automatically. Once you have a list you can, with a click of a button, send out offers to an existing base of buyers waiting for you!


There are many autoresponder services out there so do a search to learn more, but one thing for sure don’t make the mistake of ignoring this step!


Use Social Media Wisely:


Social Media is exactly what it says – Social. People enjoy reading your posts about your day, and being updated about family affairs, but keep in mind, people don’t like to be sold to while they are ‘socializing’.


That is not to say you can’t market using Social Media, but your objective is different from other forms of marketing. The key to remember is that you are wanting to engage your customers, interact with them in a fun way rather than trying to close sales. Social Media is more for branding yourself and keeping in the forefront of your customers lives so that when they need you, they know where you are.


Use An Email Signature:


How many emails do you send in a month? Each email you send should have a small blurb about your business and your website address at the bottom. Check your email providers help files for how to set up a signature. This is easy and passive advertising that can spread the word about your business with very little effort on your part and it’s free.

If you need some email signature templates, you can find some easy to install templates from


These are only a few suggestions to help you market your business online, and they may seem simple enough, but they are powerful ideas that successful Marketers use and so should you!


Have a great tip to add to the list? Please share with us in the comments below and I might feature your tip in my next blog post.

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Adel de Meyer

Social Media Strategist | Live Streamer
Adel de Meyer is a New Media Specialist, Brand Influencer, Author and Mentor based in Gold Coast Australia. Adel is listed as a Top Digital blog, Top 20 Social Media coach and Top 100 Marketing Influencer of 2017 and has worked with many global brands some including Hootsuite, Pitney Bowes, Adobe, Brand24 and Huawei as a Brand Influencer. Adel regularly writes articles on analytics, influencer marketing, technology and personal branding with some of her work seen on The Next Web (TNW) and Business 2 Community.Adel works closely with global SMB enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Personal Brands by using Social Media and Technology to captivate their audiences. Adel is recognized as a leading Instagram and Twitter Influencer on Social Media and Business in Australia. She loves coffee and creative minds!
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