5 Reasons Why You Need More Content on Your Website

You can never have too much content on your site. Every piece of content will benefit your business, so this means the more you have, the more you are benefiting. The following are the benefits to help you see you always need more content on your site.


Increases Organic Traffic

Every time you publish a piece of content on your site, you end up with another spot in Google's search results. This is why Hubspot found that people who blogged 16 to 20 times a month saw twice as much traffic than those who blogged only four times a month. They also found companies with a blog end up with 434 percent more indexed pages. When you want more consumers to find you, content is the way to do it.

Consumers Want It

Consumers research before they buy; 61 percent of them end up making a purchase after reading about it on a blog. When they read that information on your blog, they are more likely to buy from you because you make it convenient for them.

Improves Brand Awareness

Businesses that have a blog have 97 percent more inbound links. This is because other content writers value information from authority figures in an industry. When they see that an expert has written something, they want to link to it to show their readers they have done their research. Adding content to your site boosts your credibility because you are showing people you know your products and services. This gives people more to link to, which brings you more attention. You can also consider using a link building service.

It's a Lead Generator

Content brings leads to your site. The more you have on your site, the more leads you'll generate. B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67 percent more leads than those who don't use them.

Not only do you need to use content, you need to use it a lot. Just like the other reasons mentioned here, the more content that's published, the more leads that are generated.

Great PDF by Hubspot worth reading > Lead Generation Ideas from 4000 Businesses

It's Good Customer Service

Publishing content every day shows you are active and willing to be there for your customers. You are giving them information they can use, and they appreciate that. This means more to consumers now than it used to, so take advantage of it. Provide your customers with all of the details they need to see that your products and services are the best available.

With a team of highly experienced writers who genuinely care about the success of your business, you can benefit from all of the reasons you need more content on your site.

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Adel de Meyer

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  • Do you think it is interesting that if I blog 4 times a month now, that I would have to increase my blogging by 4-5x to get just 2x the traffic?

  • We recently upped production with our company blog, and the influx of organic traffic alone has been rewarding and encouraging! We’ve also got some ebooks in the pipeline that I’m optimistic about. Thanks for the article, Adel!