If used properly, social media can help your business reach your goals. Our friends over at www.findmyworkspace.com discuss how you can effectively use social networks to succeed.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all staples now for both established and growing businesses. The obvious reason of course is that these pages can give brands the leverage it needs in terms of exposure - and at a very low cost at that!


Social Media’s wide coverage and cost-efficiency is perfect for new businesses that do not have a big marketing budget yet. However, most entrepreneurs would find that marketing a business on Social Media is not as easy as it seems. Competition for attention in these platforms are stiff, and almost every business (no matter how small and big) are vying for customers.

As overrated as it may seem, Social Media marketing is still an indispensable tool for starting businesses, and it’s not just about some type of fad, or getting leverage or more exposure, there are several other reasons for example:

  1. Getting insights from your target market.

Although this does not directly translate to sales, gaining insights from your target market can help you craft more effective messages and deals that can work for future promotions.

You can do this by tracking which of your posts had been most liked or most commented upon, and you can also check out your followers’ demographics to see in which age range do most of them belong, their gender, and possible locations.

2. Getting feedback and comments from the community itself.

This is probably the most unique advantage that Social Media can afford any business (or anyone) for that matter - real-time feedback. Unlike television or radio advertising, you have no way of knowing as to what your audience thinks, but with Social Media, you can directly receive their concerns and inquiries and attend to them right away.

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Furthermore, you need all the feedback you could get so you can improve upon it while you’re still in the early ages of your business.

3. It’s a good stepping stone towards other marketing efforts.

Social Media is great for exposure, that is unquestionable. However, it’s not enough to establish a good customer relationship because of its impersonal, one-post-fits-all nature.

You can however attract your followers to sign up to your email newsletter through Social Media so you can start a more engaging journey with them. You can also offer a freebie that only requires their membership to your blog - either way, the point is, it can help you towards more fruitful marketing strategies if done right.

4. Increases your brand authority or credibility.

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A legitimate and well-maintained (constantly updated) Social Media page can boost your company’s standing in Search Engines such as Google. It also gives a good impression towards customers especially if you constantly update posts and answer to comments and queries. This means that your company is transparent and “safe,” and not a potential online scam or a business with a very bad reputation no one knows about.

People want to research the brands and businesses they support, be sure you can be found!

5. Saves not just money, but also time.

Social Media marketing is relatively cheaper, and mostly free if you don’t make use of paid ads. Aside from that, you also get to save more time as it can verily “promote” itself. Once you post an update, you can leave it there for hours and come back to check for possible engagements when your time permits.

Moreover, tools such as Zoho for example, can help you manage all your Social Media accounts in one place, and even help you schedule posts ahead of time. In that sense, Social Media is easily manageable as a campaign, plus you can answer queries and feedbacks through your mobile device already.

It might be said that promoting your business through Social Media is like jumping into the bandwagon, but it is necessary in order for you to gain leverage. After all, what you need are more customers so you can expand your business. "I have too much customers" said no one ever!

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