7 Tips That Can Make a Difference in your Social Media Activities Today

Social media marketing can be challenging and time consuming. At times, marketing using social media can feel like a waste of time and effort. But putting that all aside, social media is still one of the best form of online marketing for businesses in any niche.

To make things even easier for you, here are 7 (slightly) advanced social media tips that you can utilize immediately:


  1. Analytics from social media platforms come in handy

Most brands and businesses (even bloggers) don’t take time to check on the analytics. Without checking and referring to the stats, there is absolutely no concrete evidence that your marketing strategies work out as planned.

Here is a snapshot of my Twitter engagers the last 7 days using Brandwatch. I can see exactly what their professions and interests are and where they are located. This helps me to understand my audience better on Twitter and I can make adjustments accordingly in my content, type of tweets and times that I am active.

twitter analytics adel de meyer brandwatch


Check your social analytics at least once a week and take the time to understand the stats. Then, determine if the current strategy works or more improvements are needed.


  1. Automation by using syndicating tools

There are dozens of social media platforms out there today and there is definitely a challenging task to upload content to them separately. Unless you have a team of social media advocates, chances are you would not be able to do everything within a short time frame.

Introducing syndicating tools such as IFTTT. If This Then That (or IFTTT in short) allows you to have numerous co-workers – without the need of hiring them. Basically, the mechanism for IFTTT is based on action and trigger. There’s huge range of ready-made recipes listed on the site – if you can think of what you want to automate, there’s a good chance IFTTT can do it for you.

[Example] An action such as uploading an image to Twitter will automatically triggers an action of uploading the same image to Tumblr.

ifttt automation

This form of automation ensures that social media marketing is done in a more efficient (and time-saving) way which leaves more time available for real-time engagement.


  1. Following trends

Following trends especially in social media marketing is important. Let’s take the instance of live streaming. Live streaming has taken the world by storm. Brands are slowly (but constantly) engaging with live streams to build an audience.

And for starters, live streaming allows you to reach out to live audience and engage with them almost instantly. Gone were the days where we use email to reply to them.

meerkat streams

Trends in social media are always changing, make sure you stay informed and look for opportunities to engage and grow your audience, presence and brand.


  1. Integrating online with offline marketing

Every business performs both online and offline marketing but sadly, not many that actually integrates both at the same time, together.

Let it be print, radio or cable marketing, integrate social proof along and this can easily be done by sharing links to your Facebook page, Twitter handler or LinkedIn business page. This form of integration is a great way of indirect social proof where potential customers and clients could reach out to you (and your brand) easier and thus, increasing the trust level.

Remember that you don’t have to sell your product at the first light but building a community is a great way to increase your sales and visibility in the future.


  1. Single brand message

Most businesses engage in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You may take it to the next level by engaging in Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.

But here’s the thing: Are you sharing the same brand image or message on every platform?

If you don’t have a single brand message for social media marketing, start building one. Now I am not saying just duplicate your content across all platforms, but your tone of voice, type of content and image needs to be clear and consistent. Define your goal and get it across various platforms.


Don’t be scared to try new things with Social Media especially now with live-streaming like #Meerkat and #Periscope -…

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We are all driven by emotions 🙂 #H2H

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There are existing ecosystems in each social platform. For example, Instagram users may be using multiple hashtags but if you do the same on Twitter and Facebook, people may consider you as spamming.

Always take the initiative to create a single brand message while following the unspoken rules of different social platforms.


  1. Organizing contests and promotions

Contests and promotions are not an advanced social media tip but they certainly require more attention if you want to have higher ROI (return of investment).

One of the biggest mistakes done by many businesses (especially startups) are they are too focus in doubling the followers count. An excellent contest on social media should circle around shareability to ensure that you are reaching out to a bigger audience.


  1. Understand each social media platform deeper than anyone else

Each social media platform is different. What works for Facebook will probably not work for Twitter (for example). You have to understand that the mindset in each platform is different. Just think about yourself for example: You focus differently when you stroll through Flipboard trying to find a good article about the latest technology than what you would think or feel like when you quickly have a look at what people have to say on Facebook.

Take the opportunity to discover the real power of each social media platform before you decide to head over to another. Commonly, businesses will try leverage as many social platforms as they can to increase visibility; but efforts are wasted if you don’t understand the true power of the platform.

Understanding the platform will help you to reach out to more people, save more time and increase your visibility.



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  • Adel, Love this post! Great advice as always and I will take it to heart!