Focus on how to be social, not how to do social

Adel de Meyer is a Social Media Specialist, live streaming show host, author and mentor. Adel works with entrepreneurs, startups, personal brands and business owners to identify opportunities within Social Media and how to use Social Media as a marketing and relationship building tool. Adel is listed as a Top 10 Social Media influencer in Australia and in the Top 100 Social Media influencers globally. Adel is ranked by Dr Jim Barry as a Top 20 Social Media Coach. Her blog is recommended as a Top 25 Social Media blog by Post Planner.

Who I Am?

I was born in South Africa on a Christmas day and my mum still says I was her best Christmas present ever. In 2011 my family and I immigrated to Australia and made Brisbane our home.

I’m a Brand Ambassador, New Media Specialist, Speaker, Trainer and Mentor. I am fascinated by Social Media and the impact it has on people and industries. I write articles as a contributor to The Next Web and Business 2 Community on influencer marketing, technology and social media.

I am intrigued by bubbles, a lover of fine wines and have recently discovered the goodness of proper coffee!

When I’m not doing Social Media Marketing, Training, Mentoring, or Consulting you will find me playing on my Playstation, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or out and about doing my part to save our planet.

What I Do

Effective Social Media marketing is an often overlooked and undervalued aspect of modern business strategy, yet sometimes it makes the difference between a growing business and a shrinking one.


I work to identify opportunities for businesses and personal brands to get their name in front of the public’s eye and to cultivate the kind of relationships with customers and clients that would have been impossible a generation ago. The end result of this is that organizations who previously felt that Social Media was either a mystery or that it was not entirely necessary, suddenly understand what Social Media is and how it can dramatically change the face of marketing.

I host training sessions and Social Media related events in our local community and my goal is to expand this to an online course so anyone and everyone can take part and benefit from the knowledge I share.

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Klout 79
Kred 1000/10
Social Selling Index (SSI) – 86
Top 1% Profile in Marketing AU
Top 0.5% of Social Media Users Global – Klear
Listed – Social Media Expert by Klout & Klear
Instagram Influencer – Technology Sector
Top 18 Social Media Coach – Dr Jim Barry NSU
Top 25 Social Media Blog to Follow – Post Planner
Top 200 Social Media Influencer to Follow on Twitter 2016
Most Influential in Business from Australia on Instagram – Klear
Most Influential in Social Media from Australia on Instagram – Klear

Featured in:
35 Social Media and Tech Blogs/Websites incl Business 2 Community.

Featured Guest:
8 Global Twitter Chats incl Media Chat – Viral Chat – Twittersmarter – Winnie Sun

Brands I work/ed with:
Pitney Bowes – Hootsuite – Traackr – Marriott International – Later – Brand24 – Cisco – Huawei – Scraawl

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Shout Outs

Why I Do What I Do

In a word: LOVE. I love my life being involved in this always changing world of Social Media because it brings me together with some of the most talented and ambitious people in multiple industries and all walks of life.

I have always dreamed big, strived for excellence and pushed myself to be better than before. I care deeply about nature and have often found inspiration in it. Have you ever felt an unending drive towards a goal? Well, that’s what drives me in Social Media, the insatiable need to discover and push the boundaries of online interactions.



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