Personal Branding


Why Every Brand Needs a Great Story

What is it about your favorite TV show that keeps you coming back? Why do you still think about the characters when you're not watching? It's simple. A great story creates an emotional connection, the more you care, the more you anticipate next season, order episodes online, and splurge on impulse buys.

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Snapchat – The Perfect Platform for Personal Branding

Most people think of a personal brand as nothing more than a fancy online resume. They tend to treat it like an afterthought instead of the lead. A personal brand is technically a multi-channel method of communication but when a lot of people update their personal brands, all they simply do is add content from their social media sites, but most of this content is old by the time it is posted.

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11 Actionable Tips for Building your Personal Brand – Invest in Yourself

What does branding yourself mean? The most effective way I explain this is by giving one example: Golden Arches. What did you think of? Unless you have been seriously isolated for the last 60 years more than likely you think of McDonald's Restaurant – Fast Convenient Food.

When you brand yourself online, you want the same reaction. No matter what business you are in, when people come across a need that your business will fulfill, you want them thinking of you immediately.

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