Amazing Content With One Click Using PromoRepublic and 6 Handy Tips

Creating, publishing and promoting content is a time-consuming job. Wouldn’t it be great if you could fit more content marketing into a single day? Well, with the right approach and PromoRepublic you can. I am going to cover some tips that will help you waste less time and get more accomplished in creating beautiful social media content to keep your updates consistent.

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Spending a Day with Huawei Marketing Team Will Leave You Inspired!

Most companies will tell you that ‘Our customers come first’, that is almost an answer you expect, right? Well, Huawei lives and breathes this statement in everything they do and they take it one step further – Their employees come first too! Yes, you heard me correctly. Employees are one of the biggest contributors to Huawei’s success and they are very proud of this statement.

Huawei enables their employees to make decisions to make sure that everything is done best they can to serve the customer. Silos are broken down and automated processes are put in place to streamline work processes and to make employees productive, successful and satisfied in their roles. Huawei is a private company owned by 85K+ employees.

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How the New Marriott Mobile App made my Trip a Breeze

Anything, Anytime from Anywhere - sounds too good to be true? I thought so too until I tested out the new mobile app from Marriott Hotels over a weekend at the Marriott Surfers Paradise here in sunny Australia. Let me tell you about my experience and why I think you will love the convenience of this app as much as I did. It is very handy, especially for those stressful business trips!

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