How to Craft Your Marketing Message in a Way That Almost Forces Them to Buy

Throughout history, many great products and services have been created, but many of them fade away before gaining any traction. People are often left scratching their heads when this happens, but in most cases, the problem is poor marketing. No matter how good your product or service might be, you won't get far without a proper marketing plan that grabs attention and compels people to buy.


Before you write a single word of your marketing message, you will need to develop and maintain the right mindset. Although your exact approach might vary, all successful marketing campaigns follow the same rules, and learning and implementing them will take your sales to the next level.

Before taking another step, perform market research to understand your target customers on a deep level that will allow you to build a connection. Consider why people would want to buy your product or service, and remember that only thinking of the features is a mistake that has caused many marketers to fail. When you work to understand the emotional needs of your audience, you will gain a clear picture of how to proceed.

No matter how good your product or service might be, you won't get far without a proper marketing plan that grabs attention and compels people to buy.

In addition to understanding your prospects on an emotional level, identifying the No. 1 reason that people want your product or service is vital.

Learning about the emotional needs of your potential customers gives you the foundation on which to craft your headline, which is the most important piece of your marketing message. Even with the best sales letter or video ever constructed, you won't make a single sale if your headline does not stop people in their tracks, grabbing their attention and inspiring curiosity. With the main emotional benefit that you have to offer in mind, summarize your sales letter in a few words, and you will have your headline.

When people click on your link or open your video, you are yet to win the battle. Countless businesses are trying to position various items in front of your prospect, and you don't have much time to convince people that your marketing message is worth their time. Using the language of your prospects, quickly let them know that you understand the problem that they are facing and that you have the solution.

Rather than using industry jargon, use the same words that your customers use when they are speaking with a good friend. Think of how excited you would feel if you had found the solution to a problem that you had been facing for many years, making that excitement show in your message. Most people will only skim your sales letter, so creating a bullet point list of the top benefits is a critical part of the process.



With so many ads coming at them from all directions, the average consumer has become skeptical of most promotional material, and you need to address this issue if you want to have any hope of getting a sale. The easiest way to reach this goal is to list several testimonials within your content. If you don't have any reviews, consider giving your product away for free or at a discount in exchange for feedback that you can use. When they see that others have used and enjoyed your product, your prospects will be much more likely to hand over their money.

You are almost done, but you have one more thing to do before your masterpiece is complete: You need to tell your prospects to take out their credit card and to make a purchase. Although this step sounds simple, it will increase your conversion rate more than most people would suspect. At this point in your sales letter, some people will be on the fence, wondering whether or not they should buy. You can pull a lot of them over to your side by promising to give their money back if they are not 100 percent happy with their purchase.

When you follow this simple formula, you will be amazed by the number of sales that you will generate. Whenever you release something, always consider who wants to buy it and what they have to gain by doing so. When you address the emotional needs of your prospects, provide testimonials and instruct them to buy, your profitability will skyrocket.

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