special offer for my awesome friends only

Get some time with me to help with that one thing that's holding you back

I love you guys so much I even made you your own landing page just to show how much I care and that I feel you deserve your own landing page, you know the extra TLC - what true friends are for right?

Regarding the special offer - This is a once off offer at a heavily discounted rate for 10 of my friends only - First come First serve basis.

I want to help you with that one thing that is holding you back at the moment. You know that question about your social media profiles, that brand, website or strategy review, those Facebook ads you want to run but don't know how or even just brainstorming to go over everything that you are busy with for your personal or business growth. THIS is you opportunity!​ Nothing is off limits to discuss or get help with (well within reason no funny business *wink lol*)

​I'm committed to helping you until your question is answered and you feel that that weight is finally off your shoulders!

  • Get clarity and direction.
  • Get help fast from someone that lives and breathes digital.
  • Stop wasting time and pulling your hair out!
  • A small investment of only $250 AUD

I do commit to helping you until your challenge is solved but please be reasonable and don't expect me to work on it for more than a week. We can always renegotiate another great rate for more work required if the issue is too complex or you have more questions. Thanks my friend 🙂

Friends I've worked with before

Adel has been pivotal in giving me more direction over all in my business. Her insights have encouraged and propelled me out of a state of procrastination. Her "clever Social Media little tricks" she has up her sleeve will change my visibility and engagement with my avatars going forward!

Adel knows her stuff when it comes to Social Media and has been a patient, kind mentor and implementer when I needed her.

I foresee our friendship and business relationship to be a long lasting and fruitful one!

If you are stuck and your creativity has dried up, or you need to take your business to the next level using Social Media, I can recommend Adel De Meyer for sure. Stop wasting your own time and just get in touch with her and be delighted!

Thank you so much Adel - looking forward to working with you more in the future.

Life Coach                 

Adel is a superstar and has given me tons of advice, help and support not just for me but helped me with my own clients too.

Jewellery Designer                 

Adel has been amazing, she has:

* helped organise and set me up with a Web price Logo;

* shown and helped me how to buy a domain for my new website and link another;

* set me up on a web blog and editing page to link to my web domain and she has completed a lot of work putting material up as examples; and

* taken my vision for a page layout and matched that perfectly for them with a word editor theme!

I cannot thank Adel enough for the work she has done. She is unbelievable value and so patient!

If you haven't used Adel to build a website; link your social media feeds and plugs; or got general social media advice from her, than don't wait any longer!!

Fishing Writer & Presenter