Getting the Most Out of Your Google AdWords Budget

Many small business owners shy away from Google AdWords because of the misconception that Google AdWords is expensive. The reality of Google AdWords is that it can be tailored to any budget, and by having some idea of how Google AdWords works before you spend money can really help in making sure that your advertising budget goes far.


The effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaign will depend on how well you create your ad. Become familiar with the items listed below and you will be enjoying a successful Google AdWords campaign in no time.


Picking Keywords:


How you pick your keywords depends on your product or service. If you are selling items online and location does not matter because you are solely internet based, then you can be more general like “lap top computers”, if you are a computer brick and mortar store, you should opt for what is known as a ‘key word phrase’. So in the brick and mortar store’s example you would choose “lap top computers Your Town,”


Key word phrases are also generally lower in cost per click price and will give you more targeted results. So in the example above, the online computer store with a small budget probably could not afford to bid on ‘lap top computers’, but could afford ‘budget lap top computers for students’. You will still get targeted results!




You can target your ads to only be shown to people living in certain parts of the world.  This would be ideal if you were a merchant that only ships inside the USA. You could specify that your ads are not shown to where you can’t ship so you save on unnecessary clicks.  This is also true for small brick and mortars that just want to advertise to their neighborhood and see no benefit in going ‘worldwide’.


Scheduling Your Ads:


You can use a tool called Dayparting. This means that you can turn your ads off and back on during certain times of the day. This is beneficial to businesses that are not open 24/7 and only want to show ads during open hours. While it’s nice to show your ads 24/7 in any business, if you are attempting to stretch your budget this is an excellent way to go about it.


Device Targeting:


You can specify what devices your ads show up on. You can specify whether your ad shows up on computers/laptops, mobile, tablets, or any combination. This is great if you are a restaurant and you only want to show up on users searching from their mobile phones. This might indicate the search is probably from someone currently in the neighborhood and looking for something to eat right away.


Targeting your audience in any marketing campaign is the key to it being successful no matter what your budget is. Sure, the more money you have the bigger the audience you can reach, but if you are just getting started, Google AdWords is a cost effective way to get your message out to highly targeted prospects.


Have you used Google AdWords to market your small business? I would love to know if you were happy with the results, please share your experience in the comments below.

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