Hashtags Twitter Marketing Rockstars Use by Swarmcontent

Snippet from Swarmcontent blog:
“To generate the list, we concentrated on some of the most popular Twitter Marketing accounts we¬†follow. These are all great people who happen to be extremely good at using Twitter for marketing purposes. if you need inspiration and if you love great content, you should definitely follow all the accounts reported below.

After selecting some of the most popular Twitter marketing accounts, we checked what hashtags each of these marketers use more often. To be in the list, a hashtags must have been used a few times by that person. Specific hashtags that were created around their brand or products were omitted because they’re uniquely relevant to that person and can’t be generally used by others.


hashtags by marketers


Our word cloud includes some of the most popular hashtags that great Twitter marketers continuously use. The larger the word, the more often the hashtag is used by different social media gurus.”




To find out what my most used and favourite hashtags are please read the article >> See Adel’s Hashtags and scroll down to my name.





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