Importance of your Business Engaging on Social Media Channels

With the growth of technology and new opportunities for marketing online, a business must keep growing with technology, or they risk losing their customers to their competitors. Marketing is no longer what it was a few years ago where you had to use mass media to reach your customers. Any business that wants to grow by reaching a wider range of customers must engage on social media channels.


So, what are the benefits of your business engaging on social media channels?


Business is made up of customers and hence to get to them, you must be where they are. Engage in social media channels at least thrice a week if you can’t make it on a daily basis. You must keep your customers up-to-date with any new product or services you are offering as well as you answer any question that the customers have. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are used daily by people looking for products and services to purchase.



Engage in social media channels to gather valuable data from your customers. If you have created a group or platform for your customers, you will be able to gain qualitative and quantitative data from the clients. Those doing shopping can leave a review on your platform as well as a suggestion on how to improve your services. If therefore, you take a lot of time before engaging on your social media channel, the customer may feel ignored and hence won’t leave another suggestion in future.


Another benefit of participating in social media regularly is that you will be able to research your competitors. Social media channels have so much information that gets shared about people, products, ideas and businesses. When you use Facebook, for example, your friends who might not be your customers but they might be sharing things they are getting elsewhere. You can get ahead of your competitors by research, and you can learn what they are doing through the social media.


The more you engage on social media channels, the more your business has a great influence on search engine rankings. Any time you make a comment or put a post on social media, it generates traffic as your customers make comments on it. The more active your site is, the higher the rankings within the search engines. 


Regular engagement on social media channels enhances your customer relationships. You always get to understand your customers’ tastes and preferences since they are very honest with your products and services you offer. Whenever customer relationship in any business fails, the company as well as its activities are on the way to fail. Engage on social media channels as regularly as possible to ensure that you stay in touch with your clients.



The more you engage in social media channels, the more you reduce your marketing costs of your business. There are millions of people online every time you log in, and you can reach them with just one post or photo upload. Engage in the social media channels as much as possible to reach a different audience every time you post an update.

It’s cheaper to market online as compared to the traditional marketing.

Over to you. Do you engage with your social media audience hourly, daily or weekly? We look forward to your comments below.


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Adi Domocos is the founder of Hot in Social Media. After working for several years in different international companies, he decided to launch a website in a field that he really have a passion for: Social Media Marketing. He is a nice and social guy who tries to help and cheer up those around him.