Publish the Perfect Social Media Post – Interview with Post Planner

When it comes to creating good social media posts to cut through the noise and build your audience - visuals, captions, colour and design are all important factors.

In this Blab show I had a chat with Rebekah Radice and Joshua Parkinson from Post Planner about publishing the perfect social media post and how you can do it to drive traffic and business.


Post Planner is a fantastic tool to find, schedule and publish content for Facebook and Twitter.​ A top recommended tool for any small business or entrepreneur who needs help building an engaged audience.

Adel de Meyer is listed by Post Planner as a Top 25 Social Media Blog and Top Twitter account to follow.​


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Adel de Meyer

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Adel de Meyer is a Social Media Strategist, Trainer and Brand Ambassador. Adel is a Top Listed Social Media and Tech Influencer, ranked by Dr. Jim Barry as a Top 20 Social Media Coach and listed by Post Planner as a Top 25 Social Media Blog.Adel works with companies like Pitney Bowes, Huawei, Later, Hootsuite and Brand24 and she is a Personal Branding Advocate.Adel helps Small to Medium-Sized Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Personal Brands globally by using Social Media as a Marketing and relationship building tool. Captivating your audience using Social Media and Technology.