Social Media Automation Interview with Keith Keller

In this episode I talk to Keith Keller about Social Media Automation and we discuss some of the tools and best practices in the industry.

Tools Discussed In The Podcast:

Key takeaway:

Automation works best when it actually enables you to do more interacting, to get to the point where real interactions can take place. Using automation to send out a link via Twitter at a time when you’re not actually able to be there to send it, that makes sense, as you’re sharing content with your community, you’re highlighting your industry knowledge whilst also helping others. Using to automation to reply to someone who tries to interact with you based on that initial connection, that would be wrong, as you’d be using automation in the place of yourself, where you should be interacting and fostering connection. Real people need real responses – you cannot automate engagement.

More about Keith:

Keith Keller is now well known internationally as “The Global Twitter Marketing Specialist” and he is popular speaker on the subject – He has appeared on numerous radio shows, teleseminars and webinars across the United States & Canada, UK & Europe, as well as Australasia.

His regular tweets (@KeithKeller) are testament to his passion for sharing the latest information about Twitter as well as other Social Media platforms and he certainly has an ever growing list of success stories.

Keith now has a very comprehensive free podcast series & workbook to share called “CRACK THE TWITTER CODE” and offers one on one coaching via SKYPE.

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