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7 Tips That Can Make a Difference in your Social Media Activities Today

Social media marketing can be challenging and time consuming. At times, marketing using social media can feel like a waste of time and effort. But putting that all aside, social media is still one of the best form of online marketing for businesses in any niche.

To make things even easier for you, here are 7 (slightly) advanced social media tips that you can utilize immediately: Read more


How to use Twitter Analytics for Social Media Marketing

Did you know that a huge portion of Twitter users don’t utilize Twitter Analytics? And seriously, that’s a huge waste.

In most cases, we are using third party tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialBro and Sprout Social to get an insight of our Twitter account.

I don’t know about you, but why would you pay for a service when you can get the data directly from Twitter? Makes sense right? Read more


5 Super-Simple Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Using Social Media for business is like anything else you use online to increase your business, you need to learn how to use it properly to achieve the best results. Social Media is a powerhouse of lead generation and brand building; but also not using it wisely can give you problems you don’t need.


Taking that into consideration, below is some Social Media tips you can follow and hopefully soon Social Media will become one of your most used tools for lead generation and keeping in touch with your customers. Read more


5 Tips for 3 of the Biggest Social Media Networks

As a brand, it can be difficult to figure out which social media networks to be active on and how to juggle them all. Every marketer and business has one or two channels that are the sweet spot for engagement and reach. My tips for each major social media network will help you decide which channels to focus on. If you need help from here, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be happy to build a customized social media strategy and a community management plan that will engage, delight, and convert your audience.  Read more