The Future of Twitter: Dying Bird Gasping for Air or Rising Phoenix?

Peruse the web for data on the future of Twitter and you'll be greeted by headlines like "Jack Dorsey is Losing Control of Twitter", "Twitter is Out of Time", and "Twitter Inc. Stock is Garbage". Based upon headlines like these, one might think Twitter is on the verge of collapse as a social media platform. Funny thing is, nothing could be further from the truth.


While Twitter's stock does in fact look like it's on a roller coaster ride to nowhere, the fact remains that Twitter's hardcore users aren't going anywhere. Sure, mainstream business users are also building a following on platforms like Snapchat, but when it comes to breaking news and real-time updates relevant to brands, you can't beat the power of Twitter. News organizations look to Twitter for the latest global news (can you say #TrumpTweets?). Marketers monitor Twitter for topic trends and real-time conversations. Startup companies track Twitter for the latest funding news and angel investment conversations. Wall Street might currently have a dim view of Twitter's stock price but this real-time discovery engine is an essential platform for its users. When it comes to user engagement, Twitter is anything but dead.

From Pepsi and T-Mobile at this year's SuperBowl to Netflix's #NetflixCheater campaign, brands are winning on Twitter in a big way. Not only is Twitter powerful for brand recognition and search engine optimization (never forget your tweets are being indexed by Google!), Twitter is awesome for lead generation and trend analysis. If you're not using Twitter as an integral part of your social media marketing strategy, you're likely missing out on huge growth opportunities. Whether you run a large marketing agency or you're a social media gun-for-hire, Twitter can help you deliver stellar results for your clients.

The key is to know how to use Twitter's multiple platform tools, and not just shout tweets into the black hole of the internet.

Twitter Analytics offer a treasure trove of information for business users. Brands can dive into audience insights to better target potential customers. Twitter's campaign dashboard offers real-time details on current outreach efforts, allowing companies to adjust their audience outreach initiatives in real time. Brands can understand everything from audience demographics like location and gender to conversion and engagement rates on their latest Twitter advertising campaign. If Twitter's business analytics aren't a part of your social media strategy, there's no time like the present to get started. The data is just too powerful to ignore.

Speaking of Twitter campaigns, when is the last time you dug into Twitter's advertising platform? Did you know that adding video to your ads substantially increases your engagement and message retention rate? Did you know you can create ad campaigns based upon a Twitter user's shopping behavior or the type of mobile device they use? Twitter's advertising platform offers a myriad of delicious data tools for brands; everything from conversion tracking to follower targeting ( is available. If you want to significantly increase your social media ROI on Twitter, doing a deep dive into their advertising platform is essential.

Another much under-used aspect of Twitter is their Moments feature. Moments can be used for trend discovery, user outreach, and brand awareness growth just to name a few. Creating Moments on a regular basis can help grow your thought leadership reputation on Twitter and connect you with Twitter users who might not otherwise have discovered your brand. Thanks to Twitter's Explore function, Moments discovery is now easier than ever.

Thanks to tremendous tools like Twitter Moments, Twitter Analytics, and Twitter Advertising, brands have a powerful audience outreach platform at their disposal. Combined with the fact that most of Twitter's features are free to use (boo hiss to pay-to-play platforms), it is easy to understand why Twitter remains such an essential resource for businesses. Wall Street might think Twitter is a dying bird, but the reality is Twitter might actually be a rising phoenix in disguise.

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Adel de Meyer

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