Using Flipboard to Supercharge Your Blog – From Planning to Publishing

In today’s market, the challenge is not only to get your blog noticed but also recognized. We all know, the more you blog the more you are found in search. All good! BUT is that enough?


Here are a few questions to consider if you want your blog to be known:

  • How do you organize your blog?
  • How do you plan your blog?
  • How do you stand out from the crowd?
  • How do your readers find articles that they forgot to bookmark?

These are some of the challenges bloggers face every day of their blogging lives.

I am personally faced with many of these concerns. The answer for me was Flipboard. This simple and elegant app offers my readers a way to read and share blog posts — ALL IN ONE HANDY PLACE!

But first, I must clarify one thing. Flipboard is not designed as a WordPress or Medium application. It is a curation tool where all your online content can reside in one (or several) Flipboard Magazines you create. By using your imagination, Flipboard can become a powerful marketing and business tool for your blog as well.

Below are ways Flipboard can super-charge your blog with easy 

yet effective techniques:

1. Using Flipboard as a Traditional Blog

You can start adding blog articles by category into different Flipboard magazines. If you have a business blog, collect your posts into publications, for example: finance, marketing, blogging or as a company brochure. It’s up to you how you structure and organize your Flipboard account and your various magazines.

Here is an example of a magazine in which I added all posts from my blog. The goal is to send traffic to my WordPress website from Flipboard. This has helped me gain visibility for my Web Success Team Blog.


  • Use your company Flipboard magazine as an email signature. It works wonders for that introduction letter!
  • The more you curate into a Flipboard magazine, the better it is for SEO. We all know that content is king! Curate and curate.

2. Using Flipboard as an Enhanced Blog

Beef up your presentation by using Flipboard's Compose Tool. Now you can curate articles and add your company information. For example, my client wanted a magazine that would assist the sales team on the road and at trade shows. The publication also had to be promoted and shared on social and with influencers. We added company blogs, retail ads, videos and SlideShare all in one magazine — creating a multi-purpose sales presentation.



  • Create company advocacy videos and testimonials, then share in a Flipboard magazine. This can be sent to investors that want a closer look at your company.
  • If you are attending a trade event, collect your social posts into a Flipboard magazine. Add the event hashtag in “comments” for more visibility. 
  • Put your blog affiliate links in a magazine. Flipboard keeps the link integrity.

3. Using Flipboard as a Supercharged Blog

Your whole business can be on Flipboard. It's ideal for blogging, branding and marketing. By utilizing YouTube videos, podcasts and your social media channels, you can tell your company story.

In this example, we created an all-purpose Flipboard account for one of our clients. The beauty of it all is that we continue to add content that helps boost results in search. This account started with a company blog that morphed into a collection of publications. We built an Amazon store, collected information for an influencer campaign, and created a “Back to School” program. All these magazines tell a branding story that is more relatable than a website.

Flipboard is super easy to preview on a phone and content can then be shared via social media, on a blog or in an email campaign.


  • Add your social media channels to your Flipboard account for easy branded content flipping.
  • Build a “store” on a Flipboard magazine. The app allows you to add pricing for easy purchasing.
  • When pitching new business, add a voice over with SoundCloud to your Flipboard magazine. This will help “sell your services.”

4. Involving the Community and Sharing the Experience

Now imagine inviting other bloggers to contribute their stories to be put into your Flipboard magazines. If you are an influencer, this method has tremendous potential.

I work with influencers that have large social networks. Once they write branded content, it’s shared on social media. Your blogs added to a Flipboard have great PR and SEO value. This portable magazine can be now be shared via the press and on social channels.

Here is an example of a magazine created with a network of bloggers for the travel industry.


  • ​​​​Create a magazine with tips and instructions for your products and services.
  • Flipboard is portable! Email it, share it and take it with you wherever you go! Just a little link to open your Flipboard magazine that describes in your whole company and its activities.

I’d Love to Hear from You!

We are just scratching the surface with Flipboard. This app has many untapped applications. Have you used Flipboard for your business or blog? Let's continue the conversation in the comments.

About the Author:

janette speyer

Janette Speyer is a founding partner of the digital marketing agencies Web Success Team and Hot Ice Media. She is also a Flipboard expert with over 107,000 followers.

Janette also co-hosts #FlipBizChat. This Twitter Chat is a much-needed resource that provides education and marketing tips for communities and businesses that use Flipboard or want to learn more about integrating it into their marketing mix.

Janette is also fluent in Spanish and French, enjoys traveling and devoting her spare time to a Cambodian NGO that helps impoverished children succeed.

Follow Janette on Flipboard and on Twitter and say hi! 

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